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Have you always dreamed of having a garden window in your Dallas-Fort Worth home? Want to learn more about a kitchen greenhouse window? For more info or to schedule an appointment with our installation experts, pick up the phone and give Tarrant Windows & Siding a call today. Located in Arlington, TX, Tarrant Windows is your one-stop-shop for a wide variety of home remodeling or new installation solutions. We are happy to serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area with a high attention to detail and exceptional customer care. We have installed a garden window in hundreds of homes and we would love to help you out today. A beautiful kitchen greenhouse window can really bring your home to life and it can also give you the ability to grow your favorite herbs and plants. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of garden windows and how we can easily install one inside your home.

Garden Window Benefits

Garden windows are the focal point of any room. From the flourishing plants to the natural sunlight pouring through the window, a garden window is a beautiful peace that can change the look and feel of your home. Owning a kitchen greenhouse window comes with many benefits—check them out below:

More Light!

A huge reason why homeowners choose to buy a garden window is because of all that sunlight! Given how these windows are used for plants, they are designed to let more light in, which really opens up your home. And especially during the winter months, this added sunlight from a garden window can do wonders for your utility bills. As long as the blinds are open and the sun is pouring through from your kitchen greenhouse window, then you can expect a warmer, more comfortable home during the chilly winter.

Extra Space

Another great benefit of one of these windows is that they provide a lot of extra storage space. You can use this area for gorgeous plants, books, small appliances, or anything else! While most countertops seem to always be limited in terms of space, a garden window adds some much-needed space to this important area. To learn more about a kitchen greenhouse window, or to find the price of a garden window, contact Tarrant Windows & Siding today!

Ability to Grow!

While the benefits above are all great, the reason you’re considering a garden window is probably because you enjoy planting—or want to try! These windows give you an abundance of space and all of that beautiful sunshine is perfect for growing lovely plants, herbs, and flowers! For a new garden window installation, or if you have questions about our kitchen greenhouse window options, give us a call!

Kitchen Greenhouse Window in Dallas-Fort Worth

While many kitchens are bland and colorless, a kitchen greenhouse window can really bring life into this area. While plants have been proven to have many health benefits, a garden window can be a great start to living healthier. And not only can this lead to improved health, but you can also start to grow your own vegetables and live more sustainably! But if you’re considering one of these home improvements for your kitchen, you shouldn’t choose just anyone for the installation—you should choose a company that makes installing a kitchen greenhouse window quick and stress-free. Look no further than Tarrant Windows! We can ensure you have the garden window of your dreams. See below for even more benefits of choosing us:

  • Fast scheduling (usually within 24 hours!)
  • Many satisfied customers
  • Outstanding warranties on our services
  • Products straight from the manufacturer
  • Materials made in the USA
  • Windows made to custom-fit your home
  • Many different window types available
  • Quality Assurance Inspectors check every job
  • And affordable prices!

Whether you choose us for a new kitchen greenhouse window installation or a garden window replacement, you’ll be treated like family. We care deeply about your needs and we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. And here at Tarrant Windows, we know that you have specific ideas in mind about your remodeling projects. That’s why we work with you in-depth to envision your ideas and help bring them to life! Let Tarrant Windows change your home for the better!

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