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If you’re looking for new windows in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, then a bay window is a fantastic option. For a new installation or bay window replacement, Tarrant Windows & Siding is the trusted company for you. Our team has years of experience designing and installing windows of all shapes and sizes. From awning windows to bay windows, we carry a wide selection for your specific needs. Our team knows the importance of high-quality windows and we also understand that it’s vital to have these windows installed correctly. If a bay window is installed improperly, your home could experience poor energy efficiency—not to mention a more uncomfortable home. For bay window replacement service that’s done right, one call to Tarrant Windows is all it takes. But if you haven’t yet decided if bay windows are right for you, or if you don’t know much about them, it’s important to educate yourself on how they work and the benefits involved. Keep reading to learn more information about these windows, including the benefits of owning a bay window and why you should choose us for your next bay window replacement or new installation need.

What is a Bay Window?

Like the name states, a bay window projects outward from a building to form a “bay” in a room. These windows extend from the main walls to create a very pleasing and useful area. These types of windows have been around for hundreds of years and have been used by people all over the world. That being said, there are multiple types of bay windows with many different shapes, styles, and sizes.

Types of Bay Windows

Like we stated previously, a bay window is designed in many different shapes and forms. No matter what replacement window you need, Tarrant is here to provide exceptional bay window replacement service. But to determine if a bay window is right for you, you should first consider the different types and shapes out there.

The most common shape used for bay windows is an isosceles trapezoid, which can also be referred to as a canted bay window. However, other polygonal shapes that have more than two corners have also been used frequently for a bay window. A bay window replacement is also commonly needed for curved bay windows. If one of these windows is curved, it can be referred to as a bow window. Furthermore, a more rare form of a bay window comes in a triangular shape. To learn more about the bay window options we have available here at Tarrant, call us today!

Benefits of a Bay Window Installation

Bay windows can add a lot of value to your home. And with their versatility and different types available, they can help to create the look and feel you desire. Take a look at some benefits of owning one of these windows:

Added Space

Whether you need a new bay window installation or a bay window replacement, you probably chose this type of window because it adds tons of extra space to your home. These windows project out of your home, and this can lead to having a shelf below your window or an open space going all the way down to the floor. This gives you the freedom to use this extra space however you’d like!

More Light

Another top reason that people choose a bay window is because it adds a lot more light. To add more of that amazing natural light to your home, be sure to call Tarrant Windows today for a bay window replacement or new installation service!

More Views

Especially if you have an open yard or a great view of the mountains, you want to see as much of the outdoors as possible. But with standard windows, these small windows don’t provide the views you desire. Bay windows are large and allow you to see more of the beautiful outside world!

Bay Window Replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth

Need a bay window replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth? Tarrant is here for you! Sometimes accidents happen and a bay window breaks or stops working for one reason or another. And it’s vital to have these windows fixed quickly to ensure the protection your family deserves. That’s why Tarrant Windows specializes in lighting-fast service to get your windows replaced quickly and effectively.

To make an appointment with our dependable team, call Tarrant Windows & Siding today!

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