Awning Windows in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you’re considering adding or replacing awning windows for your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Tarrant Windows & Siding is proud to provide a wide range of awning style windows, all crafted with your specific needs in mind. If you decide to choose windows with us, we’ll fulfill the order by having your products built specifically for you and delivered and installed in your home in only a few weeks. Tarrant Windows understands that remodeling projects are stressful and that choosing awning windows can be hard, so we’re here to simplify the process by offering awing style windows at fair prices. From our free consultations to our friendly and experienced team, Tarrant Windows always puts your needs above all else. Keep reading to learn more about how these windows work, their benefits, and how Tarrant can provide a stress-free installation experience.

What is an Awning Window?

An awning window is a window that’s hinged at the top and opens from the bottom. To open awing windows, there is a hand crank located near the bottom or top of the window that allows you to open these awning style windows with ease. These windows are especially useful when the window is located in hard-to-reach locations like over the kitchen sink, in bathrooms, or near the top of a wall. Instead of trying to slide a window open, simply crank the lever and the window opens easily! Check out even more benefits of these windows below:

Weather Protection

One of the leading benefits of awning windows is that they offer superior weather protection. Given that awning style windows open from the bottom and swing upwards, your screen opening is completed protected from rain, hail, and snow! Now you can let in that fresh smell of rain without getting everything wet. This allows you to always be able to open the window no matter the weather outside!

Outstanding Seal

Another great benefit of these windows is that they usually have an excellent seal. Not only does that mean these awning windows provide outstanding protection form high winds, rain, dust, and other outdoor elements, but that also means that these awning style windows provide greater energy-efficiency for your home. Your home’s temperature will be less affected by the outdoor air, meaning better insulation, more constant indoor temperatures, and lower energy bills! Contact Tarrant Windows today to get your FREE awning windows estimate!


When deciding on the placement of windows inside a home, it’s best to be strategic on where these windows should be located. For the best solution possible, awning windows is the way to go. Awning style windows are easier to access given their handy crank. And for sunlight and ventilation purposes, having these windows in the right location is key. This easy access makes it possible to have windows in places that you never thought possible. This will help to capture sunlight, ventilate your indoor air, and maximize your wall space.

Design Possibilities

These windows also provide many design possibilities for your home. You can place awning windows basically wherever you want—from near the ceiling to low on the wall. Furthermore, awning style windows can be grouped together to increase airflow while still achieving the look you want. You can also customize the frame, the size of the window, the glass type, and much more.

Awning Style Windows in Dallas-Fort Worth

If you’ve decided that these windows are perfect for your home, then Tarrant Windows would love to help. From our many options of awning windows to our top-notch team that’s installed hundreds of awning style windows, we’re the number one company for the job. In addition, we are also proud to offer competitive prices while still providing high-quality products. Here are some more reasons to choose us:

Fast Service

When you call us to schedule an appointment, we can usually be at your home within 24 hours!

FREE Consultations!

We understand those scheduling appointments and finding the right awning windows can be a bit of a challenge. That being said, we offer FREE consultations if you’re considering awning style windows for your home. We can give you a clear estimate of the price and explain how the installation process will be handled.

To work with a trusted team for your window installation needs, Tarrant Windows & Siding is the company to call. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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