Window Warranties


When you choose Tarrant Windows for your new or replacement window, you’ll receive both quality windows and a partner you can trust. You’ll feel confident knowing you have us on your side — including our window warranties. Explore our different window warranty options below.

Available Window Warranties in Fort Worth, TX*

Limited Lifetime Product Warranty

Limited Lifetime Product Warranty

  • Residential: Lifetime for Mainframe | 20 Years for Insulated Glass Unit and Components
  • Commercial: 10 Years for Mainframe, Insulated Glass Unit, and Components
  • All: 2 Years Skilled Labor and Shipping | Transferable

This warranty is transferable to subsequent product owners. The selling owner should provide the warranty to a buyer before or at the time of sale.

When you file a claim for this warranty, we will provide you with replacement parts to correct a nonconformity in material or workmanship causing a significant impairment in the usage of the product or an obstruction of vision through the insulated glass unit. We will also provide the skilled labor necessary to repair the product and pay shipping costs for two years from the manufacturer date.

There are two versions of this warranty. The Replacement Product version covers windows and doors manufactured by Tarrant Windows as replacement products.** The New Construction version covers windows and doors manufactured by Tarrant Windows sold for new construction.**

Glass Breakage Limited Lifetime Warranty

Glass Breakage Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Extended Warranty — Supplemental to Limited Lifetime Product Warranty
  • Applies to 1600 and 1500 Series Windows**

This warranty applies to all original product owners and is supplemental to the Limited Lifetime Product Warranty.

When you file a claim for this warranty, we will provide you with a sealed insulated glass unit to replace broken or cracked glass in your window.***

Contact Tarrant Windows to Learn More

For more information on our window warranty options, contact our team today. We are happy to answer any of your questions and to find the right new windows for your home.

* Warranties can vary by product model. You will receive specific information when you purchase window(s) from us.

** Please call for more information on which specific window models are included or excluded from this warranty.

*** The Glass Breakage Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover the following:

  • Windows with laminated, tempered or impact-resistant glass;
  • Windows with beveled or grooved glass;
  • Glass in bay windows, bow windows, or sliding glass doors;
  • Glass that breaks or cracks during handling, installation, construction of the structure, or removal of the window from the opening;
  • Glass in two (2) or more windows damaged by a single occurrence of vandalism;
  • Glass damaged by Acts of God, including flood, earthquake, high wind event, fire,
  • Glass in configurations or mulled combinations that exceed MI’s size limitations.