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Need new siding for your Dallas-Fort Worth home? If so, you should consider vinyl siding. Tarrant Windows & Siding is here for all of your home improvement needs, and we will gladly explain to you the vinyl siding cost and how it can benefit your home. Siding is a very valuable component to any residence. Especially in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, siding helps to protect buildings from harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, it also serves a decorative purpose. But if you aren’t yet sure if vinyl siding is right for you, then you should first consider the vinyl siding cost and the many benefits of purchasing this type of siding. Keep reading to learn more information about vinyl siding, including the benefits, the cost, and how Tarrant Windows & Siding can provide the solutions you need.

What is It?

Vinyl siding is a type of plastic exterior siding that’s made for houses and small apartment buildings. The two main purposes are for decoration and weatherproofing. However, vinyl siding is also commonly used for imitating wood clapboard, shakes, and acts as a replacement for aluminum or fiber cement siding. The vinyl siding cost is affordable compared to other building materials as it’s an engineered product that’s manufactured mostly from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin. About 80 percent of the weight of this type of siding is pVC resin, and the other 20 percent includes ingredients used for color, opacity, gloss, impact resistance, flexibility, and durability. Given the many qualities, vinyl siding is the most common type of exterior cladding for residential buildings in the United States and Canada. To discuss the vinyl siding cost or to schedule an installation appointment, contact Tarrant Windows & Siding today!

Vinyl Siding Benefits

From durability to high-performance, there are tons of benefits of this type of vinyl. For a more in-depth look at these benefits, see below:


Given its popularity and materials used, one of the biggest benefits of vinyl siding is that it’s very affordable. The vinyl siding cost is low, yet there are many benefits that make this vinyl a hot commodity for homes everywhere. This siding comes in hundreds of different colors and textures to best suit for needs. This provides complete versatility when designing the exterior you’ve always wanted.

Most Durable Form of Siding

Although there are many different types of siding out there, vinyl is the most durable type available. Another great quality of vinyl is that it works effectively at resisting moisture, meaning rot and weather damage is highly unlikely.

Maintenance Free

Vinyl siding is also essentially maintenance-free. Even though the vinyl siding cost is low, you rarely have to maintain this material. This siding resists pests, doesn’t rot, and is not affected by sunlight. That being said, it keeps its same original qualities for decades.

Vinyl Siding Cost in Dallas-Fort Worth

Now that you know some of the benefits of this siding, you’re probably wondering the vinyl siding cost. Compared to other home improvement components, vinyl siding is very cost-effective. However, it’s important to know that the price greatly depends on where you live and the size of your home, but you can expect to pay around $10,000 for the project. Typically, this vinyl material will cost you about $4 per square foot, on average. This price is lower than all other siding alternatives, and the installation costs are also very low comparatively. As this type of material has grown in popularity over the past few decades, the vinyl siding cost has become pretty affordable. For vinyl siding solutions from the best home service provider in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Tarrant Windows & Siding to make an appointment!

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