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Patio Screen Room in Dallas-Fort Worth

A patio screen room in Dallas-Fort Worth is an economical way to add a useful room to your home. This patio screen enclosure allows for maximum sunlight and the installation is quick and painless. If you’re searching for a company that can effectively install this room for your home, then Tarrant Windows & Siding is the company to call. Our team is very experienced when it comes to installing new windows, siding, screen rooms, and much more. Our attention to detail is impeccable and we never settle for anything less than fantastic customer service. Not sure is a patio screen room is right for you? Keep reading to learn the benefits of a patio screen enclosure and why we’re your source for finding high-quality screen room installation service.

Patio Screen Room Benefits

If you’re in the market for a screen room, you should first understand all of the benefits involved. The many benefits you will see below make adding this room a very smart decision. Take a look at these benefits:


Screen enclosures add valuable living space to your home, yet the price tag isn’t too high for a patio screen. A patio screen enclosure is still a very functional room, and it can work well with your existing home. Adding new, standard rooms to your residence can be extremely expensive and might require a lot of construction work. But with screen rooms, these can easily be added onto the existing foundation. Therefore, adding one of these rooms to your home is an economical choice when you’re looking for a home upgrade.

Adds Beauty and Value

Another benefit of a patio screen room is that they provide a beautiful addition to your home. Given how a patio screen enclosure usually comes with large windows, these home components are very pleasing to the eye whether you’re viewing it from inside or outdoors. These rooms help to welcome in the outdoor sunlight, and also gives a clear view of your beautiful yard. Furthermore, these rooms also add value to your home. Homes that have a patio screen room are hot commodities when you’re looking to sell, and homebuyers will spend top dollar for homes that come equipped with a patio screen enclosure.

Enjoyable Year-Round

These valuable rooms are also available for enjoyment all year long. Given how they’re enclosed, you can experience the outdoor beauty rain or shine. Whether it’s 100 degrees outside or 10 degrees, these rooms provide a gorgeous view to the outdoors from the comfort of your home—no matter the season.

Limits Maintenance Needs

An added benefit of a patio screen room is that they help to reduce maintenance tasks for your backyard. As leaves, dust, bugs, and other debris frequently gets into your patio chairs, tables, and other components, a patio screen enclosure helps to protect these areas, which means less maintenance work for you. In addition, these screens also help to protect your furniture from the blistering sun, which can cause fading and discoloration over time. Now your patio can look amazing all year long! Contact Tarrant Windows & Siding today to discuss your patio screen needs.

Patio Screen Enclosure in Dallas-Fort Worth

When you’re in the market for a patio screen enclosure, you should first consider your needs. There are many aspects involved with a patio screen room, so it’s best to consider what you’re looking for before you make the investment. Here are some factors to consider:

Where do you want the room?

When you’re considering where to put your new screen room, there are three options to consider. You can either have these added under your existing roof, add it to your home with a roof extension, or create a whole new structure aside from your home. These patio screen enclosure options vary is prices and time for installation, so it’s key to make this decision before you make a patio screen room purchase.

Glass Type

Another consideration with these rooms involves the type of glass used. There are heavy-duty options or more simple types available, so its best to think about your glass needs before you make a purchase. The type of glass you choose will determine the level of protection and durability for your patio screen enclosure, so you should first consider the quality you desire for your patio screen room.

If you would like to learn more information about these screen enclosures, or if you’re ready to schedule your free consultation, call Tarrant Windows & Siding today!

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